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Below are the fundamentals that give us the edge when it comes to providing the sound that sells.

Market Research
The very first thing that any manufacturer must do is find out what the market wants. You will have noticed for example our reader survey in a couple of Hi Fi magazines. Our company researches not only the consumers requirements but those of the retailer as well. Releasing a product not in demand has no future.

Advanced Technology
Creating sound for the money is best achieved by technology. Technology gives us the power to both reduce costs while at the same time improve sound (refer to Fig.1). To achieve this we have developed a formidable array of world "first" technical innovations.

For example;

  • Our Low Q Ratio which allows us to obtain deep bass from ultra light weight cones. This improves transient response, distortion and efficiency. (Refer to Fig. 2&3)
  • Aaron Speakers - Patented tear drop tweeter flange compared to a conventional tweeter.The tear drop tweeter flange, which presents the sound waves with a more natural transition into the open air, thereby improving the frequency response and dispersion. (Refer to Fig. 4)
  • We have developed the standing wave diffuser panels to eliminate standing waves inside the cabinets. This system is far more effective and efficient that filling the box with damping.
  • The development of the equivalent circuits program (written by our own engineers) allows for superior crossover designs using less components. 

Objective measurement
To do this correctly it is essential to have a anechoic chamber. The engineer must be certain that what he is measuring is not altered by any environmental influences. The test equipment must be of the highest standard to avoid inaccurate readings and all units measured must be traceable to international standards. We can guarantee this is so at the Aaron Laboratory. Objective measurements are essential for three reasons. The first is to make sure that personal taste or quirks are not designed into the speakers. The second is to be able to trace the cause of problems that may be detected during listening sessions. Thirdly in order to offer out customers exactly what they want the product has to be designed from the ground up.

Subjective Listening
It is not enough to design a speaker on specifications alone, ultimately the human ear must vet the results of scientific design. This is done at out factory in a special IEC acoustically neutral room, where hundreds of ordinary consumers as well as audiophiles audition potential speaker designs. They are also given the opportunity to compare these designs with speakers made by our most aggressive competitors. These results are used to fine tune the speakers character and balance. 


Award Winning
Award Winning
Award Winning

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