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Introducing AARON Loudspeakers

Owner and Founder of Aaron Speakers

Many great ideas and plans are created whilst in the darkness of a dream. My dream right from the conception of Aaron Loudspeakers was to manufacture a Hi Fi speaker which was state of the art and stood alone in the industry, not because of tricky marketing but because of its advanced technology. For more than two decades, Aaron have been committed to refining speakers to such a degree that ultimately the reproduced sound will be indistinguishable from the original.

This dream has become a reality, proven tangible by our snowballing success at home in Australia and Internationally. Success made possible by our highly focused dedication to utilising innovations in production, materials, computer and speaker technology. Our approach to perfect sound comes from new creative angles. The speakers we manufacture are not clones of other speakers and even the smallest building blocks that go into our award winning Aaron range have been designed by us from inception.

Born in the darkness of our anechoic chamber, dreams are developed by our research department from embryonic stage to full maturity, assisted by the very finest scientific equipment. With these resources providing a constant stream of new developments we will continue to be at the cutting edge of speaker technology.

Our competitiveness can also be attributed to the CNC automation and robotics utilised in our speaker manufacturing plant. Quality is raised, speed increased, human error eliminated and production costs lowered. In a single word, “efficiency”. It would be hard to imagine any company that has embraced production technology with more gusto than Aaron.

You can be assured that any one of our range of loudspeakers will have lasting sound appeal. Each and every speaker made in our factory undergoes rigorous computer controlled parameter testing, guaranteeing superb and consistent speaker performance, yet another testimony to our commitment to quality.

For us to achieve a dream is not enough, we wish to hold and expand our dreams. We will never be satisfied with currently achieved goals, we will continue on a relentless pursuit of perfection.


The Maximum Power Transfer Circuit

Used in filter circuits with an M derived, reduces stress on amplifier outputs.

The Pressure Transmission System

Allows rear pressure equalisation of mid-range drivers.

The Feron Hemisphere

Eliminates soft dome tweeter break-up and distortions.

Low Q Ratio

Low Qm to Qe drivers and the computer programs required to assist in their design.

The Tear Drop Tweeter

Designed to allow sound waves to travel more smoothly from tweeter diaphragm into our environment.

Cabinet Q Regulator

Used in conjunction with Low Q Ratio Technology to dampen a selected frequency band.


This will always be so with the Aaron product as we aggressively chase our targeted market with an aim to providing the biggest selling product in that category. Below are the fundamentals that give us the edge when it comes to providing the sound that sells.

  • Market Research The very first thing that any manufacturer must do is find out what the market wants. You will have noticed for example our reader survey in a couple of Hi Fi magazines. Our company researches not only the consumers requirements but those of the retailer as well. Releasing a product not in demand has no future.
  • Advanced Technology Creating great sound for the money is best achieved by technology. Technology gives us the power to both reduce costs while at the same time improve sound . To achieve this we have developed a formidable array of world “first” technical innovations. For example;
    • Our Low Q Ratio which allows us to obtain deep bass from ultra light weight cones. This improves transient response, distortion and efficiency.
    • The tear drop tweeter flange, which presents the sound waves with a more natural transition into the open air, thereby improving the frequency response and dispersion.
    • We have developed the standing wave diffuser panels to eliminate standing waves inside the cabinets. This system is far more effective and efficient than filling the box with damping.
    • The development of the equivalent circuits program (Written by our own engineers ) allows for superior crossover designs using less components.
  • Objective Measurement To do this correctly it is essential to have a anechoic chamber. The engineer must be certain that what he is measuring is not altered by any environmental influences. The test equipment must be of the highest standard to avoid inaccurate readings and all units measured must be traceable to international standards. We can guarantee this is so at the Aaron Laboratory. Objective measurements are essential for three reasons. The first is to make sure that personal taste or quirks are not designed into the speakers. The second is to be able to trace the cause of problems that may be detected during listening sessions. Thirdly in order to offer our customers exactly what they want the product has to be designed from the ground up.
  • Subjective Listening It is not enough to design a speaker on specifications alone, ultimately the human ear must vet the results of scientific design. This is done at our factory in a special IEC acoustically neutral room, where hundreds of ordinary consumers as well as audiophiles audition potential speaker designs. They are also given the opportunity to compare these designs with speakers made by our most aggressive competitors. These results are used to fine tune the speakers character and balance.

Our speakers sound the way you wish them to sound.


Aaron loudspeakers are built to last even under less than ideal circumstances. Lets summarise some of the major reasons.

  • The Cabinets are made of Special Fibre Board Not only is this material the best acoustically but its not damaged by water.
  • Cladding is laminated with Epoxy Glue As a result the cladding will not shrink or peal off as is often seen with other speakers especially when they get old.
  • All Structural glue joints are done with P.V.A Although the process takes longer it means a much stronger bond even under extreme heat.
  • The Cross-Over Circuits are built to last They are hard wired by hand employing air wound inductors, etched formed foil capacitors and wire wound resistors. As a result you can expect low distortion and circuit stability even at very high power input levels. Naturally we use only quality components that will retain their correct values indefinitely.
  • Cone Surrounds are made of Impregnated Cloth Therefore our speaker surrounds don’t have the common problem of perishing or cracking.
  • High Power Input Tolerance One of the banes of all Hi Fi stores is the constant fight with customers with regards to blown speakers. The single main cause is that most speakers on the market are not designed for rooms larger than 3m by 4m. The average Australian living or family room is larger than that. So often, the speakers are being played louder than is realised just to obtain what the customer considers is a realistic sound level. We have taken measures to solve this problem by using in all drivers, large high temperature voice coils and two part epoxy glues.
  • Superior Quality Control Every speaker made at our factory is thoroughly checked by our computer controlled quality control section. We have a higher equipment level in this section than most of our competitors have in their laboratory. Not only does this eliminate warranty headaches for you the dealer but you can rely on absolute consistency of performance and quality from us.
  • Consistent First Class Cabinet Finish Because we have automated computer controlled machines to make the cabinet, the cabinet quality will always be of the highest standard. Our machines can work to one hundredth of one millimetre accuracy.
  • All Models are designed for Australian Conditions In Australia we have all the extremes of environmental conditions. So as a result speakers should be designed to deliver optimum performance levels despite a wide variety of conditions. Our speakers deliver optimum performance at a barometric pressure range of 950-1,030 mbar, temperature up to 50 degrees C and relative humidity up to 95%

We are interested in your complete satisfaction.


Award Winning
Award Winning
Award Winning

AARON Loudspeakers

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