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Aaron Loudspeakers has a rich heritage of passion with over 28 years of specialized dedication to Hi Fi sound.

That's what gives us the experience and technology to deliver something very special.

We at Aaron Loudspeakers know that over time consumer demands and requirements change. What doesn’t change, though, is the demand for the highest level of product quality, reliability and above all sound quality. The Aaron Décor range is the perfect adaptation for today’s requirements, a truly superb sound in an ergonomic living style package. Not only ergonomic but versatile as well, they can be mounted on the wall flush to the visual panel, stood on a low boy beside the panel or even, in one case, stood on the floor. Best of all, there is no longer that tiresome problem of finding an extra place for the center speaker.

Decor Series Speakers Mounted on ScreenThe really huge feature we offer is grills and side panels cut to size so the TV panel, main and center speakers form one neat rectangle on the wall. Left is a picture of the final product. How neat is that!!!!!

At the heart of the Décor speaker is a new 125 mm pistonic woofer designed to work in a very small enclosure yet still able to deliver clear smooth mid sounds along with a full bodied bass. A 125 mm woofer cone has been selected because anything smaller has been tested to fall short of the mark, we simply will not trade cost for performance! With its ridged diaphragm and linear cone movement even the most demanding recorded material is recreated with authority. Add our soft dome tweeter with its rare earth magnet, a nine element crossover and you have a category killing combination. As for the enclosure we resisted the temptation to take a more economical path like using materials such as plastic or aluminum, when sound matters it must be non resonant timber.

5" two way Satellite
5" two way Main/Centre combined
4 x 5" 3 way tower, Main/Centre combined
D-200 Plinth
Plinth for the D-200
D-400 Plinth
Plinth for the D-400.
D-200 Custom Grill
Custom grill made especially to fit the height of your visual screen.
B10 Bracket
Mounting bracket for the D-200.
B35 Bracket
Mounting Bracket for the D-200.
B70 Bracket
Mounting Bracket for the D-200.
Award Winning
Award Winning
Award Winning

AARON Loudspeakers

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